Upmix mode Sound Blaster X-fi XtremeMusic 7.1

After a successful installation of my Sound Blaster X-fi XtremeMusic and connected it to Inspire T7900. It is time for some tests. The software which came with the card really plays 5.1 audio. But here comes the problems. I’m using different players for audio and video. The problem is that they used at most 5.1.

Finally I found where you can play with the up mixing, and here it is. By default you hear Stereo Xpand upmix mode. This setting concentrates the sound on the front left, right and the central speaker. You don’t feeling like swimming in the sound. In order the sound to be spread across all the 7 speakers. Choose the Stereo Surround Upmix Mode. Then the fun begins. Play with the Stereo Envelopment control. You will definitely feel the difference.