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.NET Design Patterns

Design Patterns are interesting and important topic. On this site I’ve found very well presentation and summary for each pattern information. .NET Design Patterns Tutorial – For Beginners & Professionals    

Learn Git Branching

Found a great site to learn git. It is a collection of interactive exercises. By my humble opinion the best way to learn something it by doing it in combination with reading. So If you want to check your git skills to https://learngitbranching.js.org/

Windows Subsystem for Linux – Ubuntu

If you are on Windows 10, you should probably give a try to Windows Subsystem for Linux. Getting a bash shell under Windows was not a trivial task back in the day. Now you just head to the Microsoft Store and install one. There are variety of distributions to choose from ranging Debian, Ubuntu, Open […]

pfSense 2.4.4 Released

Hello everyone, The new version 2.4.4 if finally here. You can check what’s new here.  

The pfSense Book, now for free!

Good news everyone! The pfSense Book is now free and available on this address: The pfSense Book I still remember when I got my hard-copy of the original one. 🙂

Sharing a Port with OpenVPN and a Web Server

Sharing a Port with OpenVPN and a Web Server Routing your entire internet traffic over VPN when away from home is almost a must. Especially when using public WiFi hotspots or hotel internet. Hello all, long time no see. I have a lot of other engagements lately and can’t reach to our beloved topic of […]

pfSense on Azure, Teaser

Could it be, What is we can run our beloved pfSense in Azure? As it’s written here: Running FreeBSD in Azure It is, but is it really?

Potential DNS Rebind attack detected, workaround

If you publish sites to the Internet behind pfSense device, and then try to open the Internet address you will receive the following error message: Potential DNS Rebind attack detected, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DNS_rebinding Try accessing the router by IP address instead of by hostname. This will appear on your browser. Recently I’ve hit this issue. The […]

Upgrade from pfSense 2.1.5 to 2.2 on Hyper-V

After the release of pfSense 2.2 it was time to upgrade some installations. They resides on Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V. After the first reboot my test machine did not come up. The screen looks like this: The error message is quite interesting at first: Mounting from ufs:/dev/ad0s1a failed with error 19. After little goggling […]