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1 : 1 NAT in pfSense and DD-WRT

Sometimes you need to map internal machine IP to real IP address accessible from the Internet.As on the diagram if someone makes a request to, the request is send to On DD-WRT you can use DMZ. This service is pseudo-DMZ, more commonly known outside of the SoHo routes as Exposed host. To set […]

Running DD-WRT on VMware Workstation 7.1

Now that’s a tricky one.  The only official build that could be found is here But it was published in the middle of 2008.  It is a pure v24, no Service Packs, this by itself makes it useless. Guide for installing newer version is not available. After searching the forums, the only usable thread that […]

My Network Laboratory

The easiest way to learn is by practice. This is especially true in IT. I have to lab out the migration from pfSense 1.2.3 to 2.0 RC1. Furthermore I have a site-to-site VPN setup that must be tested too. I decided to expand my laboratory setup to house not just the two versions of pfSense, […]

Asus RT-N16 supported with DD-WRT 100 pages thread

One of the major sources of information about this model, and the supportability of different features was this topic. Asus RT-N16 now supported http://www.dd-wrt.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=61570&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 Unfortunately as the last post states: Murrkf: This thread is way too long to be practical. Outdated info is mixed with new info and few will read all 100 pages. So […]

Upgrading DD-WRT Firmware on Asus RT-N16 with Optware Asterisk 1.4

As you remember before almost a year, I’ve setup a SoHo PBX on my router. Now it is time to upgrade the firmware. Usually I perform update on monthly bases. But after such extensible configuration for the PBX, and couple of month stable work, no changes were required. Good place to start is this topic: […]

SoHo PBX with DD-WRT and Asterisk 1.4

Здравейте, от известно време изследвам една тема, а именно как да си направим телефонна централа за дома и малкия офис. Първо си поиграх със Asterisk 1.4/1.6 на виртуална машина със soft phones. Имах желание да изпробвам и с hard phones, въпроса беше коя марка и модел да избера. Тук на помощ дойде един от най […]