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pfSense 2.0 Release Now Available!

The 2.0 release is finally available. Here is the news: 2.0 Release Now Available! My experience so far is good, I’ve already upgrade some of my machines. You can take a look at the upgrade process from RC3 to RTM here:     Before performing any kind of upgrade read carefully the Upgrade Guide!!!  

Using your OpenVPN Road Warrior setup as a Secure Relay

Introduction If you are in a café or another place with free wireless Internet access you are under a security risk. Your traffic can be monitored, captured and analysed. Your sensitive data can be stolen or your laptop infected with malicious application. To avoid as much as possible of the above we can route all […]

OpenVPN on pfSense 2.0 RC3 with OpenLDAP Authentication on CentOS 5.6

Introduction After writing OpenVPN with LDAP authentication on pfSense 2.0 RC1, a reader of my blog shared some problems with configuring OpenLDAP on CentOS.  So I decide to build such a setup and test. Scenario The scenario is as follows, authenticating users requiring access to the OpenVPN server against OpenLDAP service running on CentOS. Setup […]

Install Open VM Tools package on pfSense 2.0 RC3 for VMWare

In my previous posts we’ve Install pfSense 2.0 RC1 on VMWare Workstation 7 and adjusted the memory of the Virtual Machines in pfSense 2.0 RC1 on VMware Workstation 7.1.4 – RAM size. Now let’s continue with the setup of the Virtual Machine with the installation of VMware Tools for pfSense. For that purpose go to […]

Upgrade pfSense 2.0 from RC1 to RC3.

In this post we will upgrade pfSense 2.0 from RC1 to RC3. For the purpose go to this page with the news about the RC3 release: 2.0-RC3 now available! and click on the Upgrades link: http://www.pfsense.org/mirror.php?section=updates select a mirror and download the image that suits you, in my case it was: pfSense-Full-Update-2.0-RC3-i386-20110621-1542.tgz Now go to […]

Packt Publishing OpenVPN 2 Cookbook Review

OpenVPN 2 Cookbook 100 simple and incredibly effective recipes for harnessing the power of the OpenVPN 2 network By Jan Just Keijser Introduction I was approached by Packt Publishing representative, asking if I would be willing to make a review of this book. This was interesting because at that moment I was reading pfSense 2.0 […]

SoHo PBX with DD-WRT and Asterisk 1.4

Здравейте, от известно време изследвам една тема, а именно как да си направим телефонна централа за дома и малкия офис. Първо си поиграх със Asterisk 1.4/1.6 на виртуална машина със soft phones. Имах желание да изпробвам и с hard phones, въпроса беше коя марка и модел да избера. Тук на помощ дойде един от най […]