pfSense 2.0 RC1 released, on Hyper-V

Today pfSense 2.0 RC1 was officially released. So I’ve quickly downloaded it and setup one test VM in VMWare. The new interface reveals a lot more features than the previous version 1.2.3. For full list of improvements look here:

What I was more interested in was the performance on Hyper-V VM. Recently I’ve setup a Hyper-V VM with 1.2.3 version and legacy network interface cards. Make a few quick file transfer tests and did not like the performance.

I’ve repeat the tests, and there is a 25% improvement over 1.2.3. This is encouraging. Unfortunately event with the new version, it is necessary to use Legacy NIC for the Hyper-V VM.

As it is stated in the Digest this is considered a stable release suitable for production use. I will continue the testing in production environment to get more realistic results.