Hi guys,

As you probably noticed I haven’t post anything since October 2011. The reason for this is not absence of interesting topic or inspiration, but lack of time. Currently I’m in a MBA program and this consumes all my time and energy. Hopefully I will finish it around October 2012, and at that time I will be able to embark into some new endeavours. In the meantime you could share some topics that are of interest for you and I will try to replay as soon as I can, or will include them in my plans for future posts.

Until then good luck, have fun.

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  1. 11:05 am, 11/02/2012oijo oij o  / Reply

    I noticed you haven’t post anything since October 2011.

  2. 12:41 am, 14/02/2012Khoa Pham  / Reply

    This explained why you dont have any new post for awhile. Good luck with the MBA program and looking forward to more of your posts.

  3. 10:25 pm, 26/03/2012marius  / Reply

    we looking new great posts from you

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